The most powerful gift in Life

We all want to be superheroes and wished for many different kind of powers.

Do you know, however, that we already have one awesome gift? It is the FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

With this gift, we are able to change the way our mind perceive a situation. We have the power to literally change a lousy and bad situation into a positive and defining one.

What’s even more impressive is that you can improve upon this gift. It may not be easy initially to make great choices, especially when we were younger. We need to be guided. But as we grow older, experience more events in life, we (should) grow wiser. With wisdom, we are able to make conscious decisions to improve our lives.

That is why the freedom to choose is the most powerful gift we have in life.

Choose to live. Choose to live happily today. You are gifted with the power to do so.


Am I destined to… 

What is destiny? The dictionary defines it as “the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.” 

So what then is our destiny? Are you able to foresee your own destiny and are you able to alter it? 

Here in lies the fundamental framework to life – asking the right questions and evoking the right mentality towards reviewing a certain topic. In order to be able to have an effective answer and strategy, most of the time, the right questions matter. Will share about this more in future posts.

So what is our destiny? What do we want to happen to us in the future? Success? Happiness? To be physically healthy, so that I can enjoy fun activities, thus making me happier? The clearer we can define the events that we would love to happen to us, the clearer our strategies can be.

What does this mean? It means that we can alter our destiny. We can make life happen TO us instead of waiting for it to happen FOR us. We can determine how we live it and make use of it. 

Be encouraged that nothing that is happening in your life now is set in stone. We will have the ability and the power to change it and to improve it.

You are destined for GREATNESS!

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