Appreciate the ability and capacity to dream


This virus has shown many that we are all deeply connected. The prosperity of the top percentile elevates and sustains the lifestyles for the rest of us.

When there is innovation, there would be jobs and improvements in our lives. But in good times, these are probably overlooked. While there may be some level of unfair disparity, which can be easily exacerbated by bad Government, the general outcome of an innovative business is that it brings good value to our lives.

When businesses (rich) suffer, it will have an impact on the rest (workers in the economy).

The tricky part of the equation is to make sure there is a good balance (between business’ interests as well as the general population’s interests), so as to support innovation and growth, and mitigate potential social issues.

The security of a job (provided for by a business) afford most of us the ability and capacity to dream, so that an individual can aspire to move up the social ladder and become a boss one day.

But when the security of a job is affected (bad virus outbreak), it could lead to potential problems in the society because everyone would then have to fight for their right to survive. The scenario depicted in the movie, Contagion, is very plausible.

I am not a businessman. I don’t own a thriving business. I am worker bee myself. The point of this post is that, knowing that your companies need you as much as you need them, we have to appreciate the work companies are doing to hold on to jobs, so that we (businesses and workers) do not come out worse off after the whole Covid-19 situation. It would not be rosy but it should not be dire.

Let’s continue to be grateful and thankful. Let’s stay positive and strong, and help our company and our country get back onto their feet through this crisis. Only then can we begin to dream once again.

An Honest Review for 2019

Do you remember the moment sometime last year where we felt hopeful and inspired to start afresh in 2019? We then proceeded to jot down our goals for the year and went into the year feeling that 2019 will be a defining year.

Fast forward to the end of 2019, I guess it felt like de jevu, all over again, back to reviewing the past year, goal setting and encouraging ourselves that the new year will bring new changes.

Some of our goals will be achieved while others will seem like a “failure”. Personally, I did achieve some of mine but I remind myself not to put myself down for not achieving the rest.

There is a fine line in making sure that we are accountable to our commitments and goals and bashing ourselves and making it more than it should be, thus demoralising our own spirit.

So this post is just a quick reminder on the importance of goals, an honest reflection and the way forward.

1. Goals

As the name suggests, they define our goal posts, areas for us to score, so that we know we have achieved something. Without them, we would be aimless. Thus, to have a successful year, we have to be clear with what we want to achieve.

2. Reflection

Reflecting on our past years help us identify bumps on the roads that caused us to not reach our target and goals. Reflecting gives us perspectives and at times, takes away the subconscious guilt that we do place on ourselves for not achieving something. Reflection (honest one) gives us knowledge and power to set us up for probable success in the new year ahead.

3. Way Forward

The simplest way would be to list a new sets of goals for the new year. However, a more effective way and efficient one would be to use the information gathered from our reflections (point 2) and implement strategies to help us cope and ensure the rate of success in achieving our goals rises.

Every “failure” and moments of work are great learning experiences. While many of us (in this perfectionist and well informed society) may not like the trial and error process, great inventions and moment of brilliance in life were still products of this timeless strategy. We should never let lack of information or the need for a perfect strategy stop us from moving forward.

I guess the best way to look at 2020 is to head into it with renewed hope, an improved strategy, and the guts and tenacity to do our best to make it better than 2019.