This site was created with the purpose of detailing my journey through life and my account for the pursuit of my health, happiness and success. Through my sharing, I hope to inspire change in your life through practical advice and steps.

Success and happiness is relative to each individual. My definition of success& happiness may not be the same but what I do know that we are all people who wants to make a difference in our own lives.

I am from Singapore, a tiny dot in the World map. We all have our own stories to tell and I hope that this blog will be an inspiration to you, as I know it would be for me years down the road when I read back at my past posts.

I am currently running a business based in Singapore, www.savemypiz.com, a Photo Scanning Service for Singaporean. I am also on a sabbatical break from my primary career (Shipping/Logistics/Oil & Gas). As such, my main focus now is on building up SaveMyPiz.com. Apart from that, I am also learning alot just by experiencing it myself, and by doing it, .e.g WordPress customization, SEO, etc.

Purpose of this blog is to share my own thoughts/opinions and also experiences I have on my journey towards finding happiness, health and success. I am always trying to be a version better than yesterday.

I am also passionate about coaching. I want to partner you to your success in health and happiness.

If you do want to do a guest posting, or just to connect, I would very much love to do that. I believe that it is essential that we help one another grow in this World, especially this online world. Power comes in unity.

I will be insignificant without your supports, e.g. follows and likes on my blog posts. I know without supporters, this blog will not be as effective as it can be in inspiring people.

Finally, thank you.

To our health, happiness and success.

Damian Ng
Instagram: @damian_wanderer
Twitter: @ithewinner

Facebook Pages:
1. Affordable & Professional Photo Scanning Service in Singapore – www.facebook.com/savemypiz
2. Journey with Damian – www.facebook.com/damianforlife

Business Website:
SaveMyPiz.com Website – www.savemypiz.com
Overcoming Anxiety Attacks/Depression – http://nomoreanxietyattacks.weebly.com/


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