Do to others as you would have them do unto you

Just a quick Monday night sharing…

The way I work is simple – to do to/for others what I hope others would do to/for me.

And that’s how I achieve progress and success at work.

If someone who genuinely needs help, I will try my best to provide. If my team did something wrong, I will never leave them in the lurch. I may be firm of my expectations but they will know that I will always be there to front the situation and help them through it.

We are in a day and age where the corporate world truly resembles a jungle, animals fighting over one another wanting to rule it. Bigger animals trying to eat the smaller ones.

It can get depressing and stressful. However, I just try my best to stay simple. I wanna progress in my career because I want my hard work to be recognised. Thus, it is always important for me to work with a superior that appreciates my hard work.

While the reality can be challenging at times, what matter most is how we learn to look at it from a positive and hopeful lens. And at the core of it, it is down to ourselves and how we treat others.

To get ahead at work is not rocket science. I just remind myself constantly that humility and sincerity will pay off ultimately. And this kind of progress and success are more sustainable.

Granted, I may not get the top post or even a super high paying job but what matters most is that I can sleep at night and I am genuinely happy.

I am no saint. I have my ups and downs. I cannot tolerate poor attitude and lack of ownership, so I will make it known to my team firmly and sternly. I may lose it at times but o always remind myself to improve and do better to inspire change the next opportunity I get.

Grow progressively. And the most important thing is to want to do better.


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