Bring your Value to the Organisation (Success at Work Series)

For most of us, we seek progress in our workplace. Reasons for this may include wanting a higher pay, more opportunities to learn new things or even as simple as wanting to be better than your peers.

Whatever the intent or motivation that drives you, we need to know how we can make this progress happen. You heard it right, progress is given but only to those that are worthy of the responsibilities that come with it.

In order to progress, there has to be a history of good work contributed. Now, whether you do it sincerely (good work) or just simply to “earn” the progress, there is difference. Doing it sincerely is definitely more sustainable. It ties back to the saying of “If you love what you do, it is never work”. Thus, you will be able to last longer in this pursuit of progress.

So how do you do good work?

You need to know where your value lies in. With knowledge of this, you will be able to set forth actionable steps to improve your organisation. This is important because every business organisations exist to produce profits. The more improvements an organisation can make, the better the chance of surviving and thriving in an ever increasing competitive environment.

What are some of the values you can bring to your organisation?

For example, if you are a meticulous person and you love details, you can review the administrative processes to see how you can tweak to ensure that only relevant information are recorded, so as to increase efficiency.

Another example would be that if you are a great communicator, you can aspire to works towards aligning the vision of the company with your teammates. Through motivation and leadership by example, the team may become more focused and effective, thus bringing good results to the organisation, which is very good work.

Remember, without good work and positive contribution to your organisation, it is not easy for the organisation to realize the value you may possess. And if you are able to consistently produce good work sincerely, any good organisations will appreciate and reward you with the progress you DESERVE.


The greatest investment – Yourself (Success at Work Series)

We all want to be rich. And many falls for get-rich-quick schemes.

It is unfortunate. Instead of getting richer, they got poorer with no real returns.

Do you know that the easiest way to ensure sustainable growth in your income and earning potential is to invest in yourself?

Yes, the journey will be longer. But once you get it (through continuous experiments and learning), you would have acquired the skills needed to stay resilient even during bad times.

Get-rich-quick schemes will ultimately be just schemes. If they provided riches for some, they were lucky to not have been burned. But why depend on schemes when you can rely on the most reliable source, yourself?

To kick-start this series, the first thing we want to focus on is MINDSET.

There are a lot of books out there on this subject matter. In a nutshell, always learn to see the positive in any situations.

If you got a failure, ask what you have learnt.
If you are stuck, ask what you can do differently.
If nothing seems to be going right, ask if it is time to take a step back and reflect.

The questions we ask ourselves are important and all these starts with our MINDSET. If we have a mindset of blaming others, we will find the faults of others instead of reflecting inwardly and make a proactive choice towards change.

This series will be interesting, I want to make it as accessible and easy to understand as I can.

The journey will require commitment but I am sure if you move along with me, you will come out better. You will be the bright light your company will come to appreciate.

Buckle up and come take the ride with me.