Leadership 2020 – Reflections & Goals

As I bow my head to reflect on 2020 as a warrior and leader at my workplace, I get reminded that the first step towards a positive change in my team and workplace starts with me.

I ponder on the decisions I have made, the guidance I have given, the inspirations that I tried to provide, as well as the improvements I need to make to be a better leader.

I learn from being led, as well as those who have proven to be true leaders in their own rights.

It will be constant journey of learning when you are looked upon as a leader. It is not so much about the title but the responsibilities that comes with it.

For those whom I have the pleasure to work with, I wish that my leadership will:

1. Ensure that they are on a path of growth
2. Ensure that their strengths are built upon
3. To help them identify areas of weakness and to help them improve from it
4. Build up their character and sense of responsibility, so that no where they go, they will be an individual with real value

My role as a leader is also to help them refine their work processes and to eliminate unproductive workload, so that every minute that they spent at work will result in something of value.

From the lessons of my poor leaders in the past, I learn not to bog my team down with useless frivolities, eg. pointless reports with no clear reasons for, as well as how a poor emotional control may have an negative impact on the team. That is why I treasure all leaders, good and bad.

As I grow and upgrade myself in my journey of leading, I always remind myself of these two things – (1) humility, (2) integrity.

No man will be left behind or be left to fend for themselves. They are my responsibilities. I will always be their shield (only for genuine team members) to protect them, so that they can stand up to fight another day, as well as their sword to tackle the battles at work. This is why integrity is so important. It builds trust with my team.

I will never be a perfect leader but I will always strive to be a human being who will be swift to understand and emphatize, to genuinely help them conquer their battles and to grow.


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