Rise above unfairness

Do you know that there is a great equaliser for the “unfairness” that many seems to be complaining about?

What is more beautiful is that this equaliser is in all of us!

So what is this great equaliser?

*Drums roll*


You heard it right! It is the power of Choice! And I am going to explain why, so it will be placed in the right perspective for you to gain this liberating power.

Say you are working in a company where the boss shows unreasonable favoritism to a particular colleague. Not only that, the worse thing that could happened is that this colleague of yours hate you so badly, maybe because of your effective work planning. The thing is because of your effectiveness, it takes more effort for her to continue being the great worker in the eyes of the boss.

Adding on to the fact that the boss never appreciates your effectiveness, you wonder how you can rise above this unfair situation.

This is when the power of Choice comes in handy. Instead of feeling defeated and negative about the situation, you always have a choice to change the course and re-write your story. You can either have a genuine talk with this boss and find out whether you are in his long term plan or you can realize that enough is enough, you are going to start looking for a place that values your contribution. Either way, you are making proactive steps towards your success.

So when unfairness abound, know that you always have an equaliser, and that is your power of choice. Having said that, do note that this equaliser gets more valuable and effective when you invest in yourself and start to increase your skills and differentiate yourself from the rest. The more skillful you get, the more effective your power.

The power is in you to overcome many things. The more you invest in yourself, the more powerful you get.

Don’t let anyone belittle your contribution. No matter how small it may seem at this present moment, it is bringing value to the bigger picture of life. Will share more on this in a separate post.

Have a beautiful week ahead!


Am I destined to… 

What is destiny? The dictionary defines it as “the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.” 

So what then is our destiny? Are you able to foresee your own destiny and are you able to alter it? 

Here in lies the fundamental framework to life – asking the right questions and evoking the right mentality towards reviewing a certain topic. In order to be able to have an effective answer and strategy, most of the time, the right questions matter. Will share about this more in future posts.

So what is our destiny? What do we want to happen to us in the future? Success? Happiness? To be physically healthy, so that I can enjoy fun activities, thus making me happier? The clearer we can define the events that we would love to happen to us, the clearer our strategies can be.

What does this mean? It means that we can alter our destiny. We can make life happen TO us instead of waiting for it to happen FOR us. We can determine how we live it and make use of it. 

Be encouraged that nothing that is happening in your life now is set in stone. We will have the ability and the power to change it and to improve it.

You are destined for GREATNESS!

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