How to be effective at work and do meaningful work

How to be effective at work and do meaningful work?

Guts and gungho-ness.

Of course, it is important to have the right understanding and principles in order to do good work.

However, fear paralyses and unwillingness to make a call or have critical assessment of a particular matter will only hamper progress at work.

Having said that, guts and gungho-ness have its drawbacks. If coupled with the wrong understanding, the work done may be incorrect. And without the right principles, the guts and gungho-ness may just be seen as arrogance.

Thus, if you believe that you have reaonsably understood the big picture and have a right set of principles, do not let fear paralyse you. Move ahead and execute. Be gutsy and gungho.

If things are done with honest intention and careful consideration, it would be great work or a good lesson for your career.

Indecision and inaction only encourages poor habits at work.

This style of work is not the usual please-your-bosses-and-suck-up-to-them. This style of work may not be a crowd favourite because in wanting to get work done, sometimes, you will have plough through the politics. But if you want to do real work, you gotta cut the BS out of work and focus on work itself.

We are not employed to please our co-workers and bosses. Respect will be given to those who are genuine at work. Basic respects to management. And that’s about it.

And for me, to do meaningful work and to have meaning at work are very important to me. That’s the reason why I left my last place of work and went to drive a taxi while I look for new opportunities. I will never be a slave to an organisation that do not appreciate value.

Be encouraged. Even during this CB period, we will never be slave to our companies. We must endeavour to give our best and similarly, we will judge our companies by their efforts in doing their best for us. Never let the fear of losing your job stop you from providing genuine value at work. And never find excuses for yourself.

Genuine hard workers will never die hungry. We may have a more humble lifestyle but that is a life that I am happy to have, rather than to be in fake place pleasing others and doing pointless work.

Be gutsy, be gungho, do good work and be true to yourself.


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