Moving On to the Next Chapter…

After about a year plus of not going to school, I am finally going back to one! It will happen next Friday! Guess where? It will be at the Singapore’s fourth university, SIM University! The last time I attended school was when I was doing an Advance Certificate in Theology at City Harvest Bible Training Center. It was a short course spanning 1 year and I am happy to say that I really enjoyed and learnt a lot from that 1-year.

Now that I am going back to school again, I am really looking forward to the new people I am going to meet and a host of information, which I am going to acquire. I am taking a Degree course in Marketing. I am actually very excited about this course. I have always wanted to know more about marketing, the art of promoting and how one goes about bragging about itself. Some people say that marketing is like sales. I beg to differ. I have done a fair share of sales during my time in Prudential and I have to admit that selling was not that fun. Ha! Ironically, selling is the most essential part of a business. Closely following it is the company’s marketing department.

If a product is not properly packaged or promoted, selling, by itself, does possess much power. To me, doing sales is a challenge. However, I am more interested in the planning of how a product can be sold rather than the actual selling of the product. Thus, the interests in taking up a Degree course majoring in marketing.

Having revealed the first few sentences of the new chapter in my life, I ask for your prayers and guidance. Share with me your insights and advice, as I begin to tread on the road littered with valuable knowledge and information. I will be going down this road for 3 years and if at any moment you were inspired to share something with me, just email or contact me. I will gladly receive it with open arms and ears. For my brothers and sisters in church, continue to pray for me. Pray that I will have the strength and the capacity to make the most out of the course.

As I prepare to end this entry, I would like to thank you people for the interest and concern you have upon my life and for all the prayers and encouragement!


One thought on “Moving On to the Next Chapter…

  1. Hey Hey.. I’m in SIM too.. haha.. I thought I saw u at the canteen once at dinner time.. Think u were sharing a bowl of noodles or something with someone.. haha.. I was in a hurry and wasn’t sure if it was u so didn’t say hi.. Anyway, Jiayou! Will pray for u! =)

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