9th October 1981 marks the day when I popped into this world! 25 years later, I am still popping into people’s life, which can be a good and a bad thing! Ha!

Yesterday, which was the day of my birthday, I had a great and joyous day. Many friends popped back into my life with wishes from SMS, Friendster and numerous other ways. I felt really blessed because I treasure all these relationships and I will never take any wishes from any of them lightly! Most of them, I have not really contacted for a year plus but they still managed to find a spot in their 5-6% of their brain matter to remember MY DAY! How grateful I am for that! 🙂

I just wanna thank everyone and anyone who wished or wanted to wish but did not have the chance to! I thank God for making things happen in my life, e.g. bringing my family closer together than before, protecting my relationship with Vivian, giving my good health… and many others.

I got a testimonial that I want to share to mark my 25th birthday. For those who know about my sickness, I wanna share a good news with you. I have not gone into my dissociative state for more than 2 years now! *Applause* I really thank God and I know that I cannot keep my sanity in check by my own strength. There were times when I thought I would have it again but by the grace of God, I got through it. I am really glad.

All these are not possible without the supports of my friends, family members, loved ones and many others who love me! My life and my world is made colourful with the existence of you people and I thank God for it. However, without the canvas of my life that God has gave me, all these colors would have made any sense. Therefore, I thank God for His unfailing love and grace.


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