Celebration @ 492

It seems like I am not really actively updating my blog. Instead of giving excuses, I am coming out clean. Keeping a blog updated and beautifying takes alot of energy and diligence. It is never wrong to say that money follows those who excel at what they do! Apparently, the lack of advertisements on mine clearly suggests that my blog is one of the trillions blogs out there that are just surviving. We are hoping that the kind souls who are keeping the server alive will continue to be so kind! LoL! Why? We their servers and space to store our memories and our work. It will be so sad to find out one fine day that all those that were written are gone! I really do not know what I will do.

Anyway, today is a special day. As the title suggests, my family and I had a mini celebration at 492. It is a block where there is a coffee shop. However, the story is not about the coffee shop, the block or about the food. Ha! Basically, I just want to share how God still speaks to me despite my absence from His house. Hehe…

I am not taking that for granted. In fact, I am thankful for the experience. The thing was that the 9th of Nov is my sister’s birthday and I have always wanted to get her something really nice and meaningful. Why? Because I have really shortchanged her. She had always blessed me every year during my birthday and I had not been returning the favour. LOL! However, this year, something happened and this is the thing I am sharing.

She had been rather moody and sad for the past month or so because of some personal issues. Being her brother, I really do feel for her. My family and I were also there to encourage her. She seems so lifeless and she was always complaining about how much life sucks. She did not even enjoy her trip to KL. With these in mind, I decided to do something or buy something special for her. Buying gifts or planning something can really wreak your brains. This is no exception. However, one fine night, all of a sudden, a thought came into me and suggested that I get her one of the Precious Moments figurines, as it contains meaningful text, which may uplift her spirits. So it happened, I went to a shop in Jurong Point to get her that.

To cut the long story short, when I passed her the gift today, I told her to guess what it is inside. She told me that it is a Precious Moments figurine. Despite the fact that she was right, I keep mum. When she found out what it really was, I asked her about her guess. You know what she told me? She told me that just recently, she was thinking to herself if she should collect the Precious Moments figurines. Ha!

Praise God. Thank God for putting that idea in me. Never would have thought about getting her that. Moreover, I believe that it will really be a blessing to her, something to encourage her. I pray that she will feel the love of God and start to be hopeful again. =)


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