I had a gathering with my old pals from drama ministry yesterday. We had a great time at two opposite venue. One is small and stuffy. The other, BIG AND COSY! However, the latter came at a price! LOL

The reason for the title was because I found out that a couple of my friends were asking me on why there aren’t any updates to my blog. At that point in time, I was thinking to myself, “I did not even know that people are so demanding over free stuff.” I am, here, taking my own sweet time, at my leisure, to record the MOMENTS in life. I am also giving people the privilege to read them and all they can do is demand for more?! LOL

Yeap! These are the kind of friends that are worth keeping man. They are demanding out of love. They want to know more about my life. They want to keep track of my marathon in life and they want to be prayer warriors when their soldier in battle is down. These are the mark of a true pal! I am sincerely touched.

For that, I will try to be as proactively as I can be in my updating of this blog. Like always, I don’t really like to share about what I did in a particular day. However, like Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays with Morrie, I record the days where I learnt or gain something powerful/inspirational! Therefore, peeps out there who loves me and are dying to read more about my life, stay tuned! This blog is back with the entry of this post and let’s hope that it will not fizzle out like a carbonated drink left on a shelf for an extended period.


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