Reflecting @ East Coast

Met up with Gary and Aileen today. I think we all enjoyed ourselves very much, as we mentioned that it is not always we have a time to spend on a weekend to reflect on life, among other stuff.

We strolled around the beach, sat at a breakwater looking at a couple that is SO young. The guy seriously looked like he has not even reached his puberty. The girl looks older. We also went to the HK cafe there and sat from about 5:30pm to about 10:30pm, talking about everything and anything under sun. It was a great time, as we shared our hearts out.

I think I have kinda not done this in a long time. I believe that this is really refreshing… to do nothing but sharing and reflecting with each other. LOL… Really do not know when this would happen again, as sometimes work and school can be overwhelming.


Writing again…

Wow… it has been a long time since I last wrote on a blog. It could be due to the fact that I was so involved in my schoolwork and my work. So many other things to do that I have neglected blogging.

Blogging has always been a joy, sometimes a chore. It is a joy, as it allows me to reflect on a particular topic or to keep a copy of a great memory, so that I can relive it in future. However, it can sometimes be tiring because as much as you would like to jot down a particular thought, you do feel tired and lazy at times.

Let this post be the post that brings all this blogging back to me, to jot down important events and to rant at certain issues. We all need a avenue to let our thoughts run wild. More than that, we need a place for us to relfect and to relax… to think through all that has happened.