The most powerful gift in Life

We all want to be superheroes and wished for many different kind of powers.

Do you know, however, that we already have one awesome gift? It is the FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

With this gift, we are able to change the way our mind perceive a situation. We have the power to literally change a lousy and bad situation into a positive and defining one.

What’s even more impressive is that you can improve upon this gift. It may not be easy initially to make great choices, especially when we were younger. We need to be guided. But as we grow older, experience more events in life, we (should) grow wiser. With wisdom, we are able to make conscious decisions to improve our lives.

That is why the freedom to choose is the most powerful gift we have in life.

Choose to live. Choose to live happily today. You are gifted with the power to do so.


Results speak louder than talk

You know how we sometimes talk too much about what we hope to achieve and not on the actual work towards the achievement.

Yes, I believe this is human nature and it is how we prep ourselves to undertake something that our mind is finding hard to accomplish.

This in turns will lead to procrastination if we do not watch ourselves and allow the talks to be… Just talks. It has been shared by many guru and successful people that it is not dreams or talks that propel them to success. It was hard work, hard freaking work.

Why then do we still get stuck in the talks? Because we have yet to find a strategy or plan on how to achieve that we hope to accomplish.

It is not easy to battle human instinct but one sure way to more effective at it is to be mindful, to be conscious of our actions.

For me, I always ground myself and remind me that whatever I know or have to share, everyone already knows it. I am just basically acting as a bookmark in their lives, to help remind them of their worth, as well as my own sometimes in the future.

Rather, I should work on getting myself to a place of making it and focus on how I can make it, so that with the results to show for, it will put me in a better place to change lives and to inspire change.

I am always a work in progress. And it is always through results that we will inspire real change.