3 Steps to a Successful Reboot (Always Forward Series Part 2) 

In my previous posts, I shared about how I maintain my positive energy, which is crucial to me being an effective human being, partner, worker, colleague, friend, family member, father and even husband. This is despite the humerus failures and falls I had endured throughout my years of living.

I would hope that I was the only one who was affected by my valleys. However, the fact is that it affected those around me, including my loved ones. 

It was through these tough times that I learned about the art of moving forward. It has helped me to not only overcome the tough times, it made me a tougher person and has prepared me to embrace more of these tough times. 

I am not trying to sound pessimistic here but what I want to highlight is that there are always barriers and pitfalls for those who pursue life. It is only natural because it is precisely this reason that we call life an adventure. What is Indiana Jones without all the challenges that he faced, right? 
So how do we stay sane and find the light at the end of the tunnels? For me, I simply REBOOT, and I will share with you briefly how I go through each steps before expounding on each in future posts.

1. Reframe

I start off with bringing all that is affecting me in my current situation/state of mind in front of me. For “reality” is directly related to the meaning we give to any given situation. During this step, I try to find new meanings and wonders about the reasons for that which is happening in my life. It likens to finding the good in any situation. 

This is the first and most important step towards a successful grab of the light at the end of the tunnel. Through reframing, I am essentially trying to break new holes in the tunnel to allow light source to enter.

2. Refocus

Once I have found a realistic new meaning to my otherwise sad story, I realigned my focus and zoom in on the actual exit of this tunnel. 

It is here where I find ways to strategize my escape out of the tunnel. Once the strategies are penned down, I keep my eyes on the exit and go on to the final step, equally crucial.

3. Re-Act

Like what Anthony Robbins always advocate, MASSIVE ACTION is the mantra for this step. Why did I label it Re-Act? It is simply because we have to start taking actions again, which is to act again (re-act). Of course, it also helps to make this post a little consistent with all the 3 Steps starting with a “re”. 🙂 

Once I act, I am effectively working towards my reboot – my escape through my tunnel, my valley, my tough time. 

One disclaimer I would like to make is that it is never easy. Never, ever easy. Even after numerous attempts. You will feel like crap when you hit a wall and worse when you fall into a ditch. 

But remember, the whole point of this sharing is about learning the art of moving forward. It is very simple to give this a pass when you are going through your golden period, like the investors not worrying about taking up credit during the bull’s run. 

Always keep this sharing close to your heart. I would hope that when the bear comes, this sharing would act like a stop loss for you, a means for you to cut your losses and rebound stronger. 
With that, I wish that you will have an awesome week ahead! 


Reboot – The Art of Moving Forward (Always Forward Series Part 1)

I love to play computer games since young. The great thing about games is that you get to save a progress and reload whenever you make a wrong choice.

Unfortunately, life is not as simple as that. Unlike the “Choose Your Own Adventure” story books of the 1980s, I cannot flip back to the page where it offered the various choices and turn to a new page to carry on my adventure.

Life is definitely a one way street. You can and will only move forward. You can get stuck when you are in a dilemma. You can kinda move “backwards” when you focus on your past but essentially, you are still moving forward without any progress. 

In this respect, it is important to note that in order to live an eventful life and to be as successful as we can be, we got to find a way to always move forward. 

I have fell numerous times. In fact, I do not even dare to count the actual numbers. I just did not want to disappoint myself. I am ashamed but I have definitely moved past those crippling negativity. How I am still here sharing about my life from a positive angle is mostly due to a blessed ability to REBOOT. 

Rebooting does not mean erasing. It is certainly not reloading and starting afresh. Like a desktop or laptop computer, rebooting simply means restarting from where we left off in life. 

What is significant about rebooting is that it helps me re-frame my mind, tricking it into a “new slate” mentality where everything likens a new start. In reality, nothing changes. I still had my records of bad choices. I just gave myself a fresh start where I ignore or push away the irritating reminders or my failures and falls. 

How I actually reboot? That is what I will be sharing more in my next post.

Stay tune.