My Thoughts on Information Age

With the advancements in the Information Age, the thing it sought to liberate originally – Information, is also being blurred.

While it is easier to acquire new skills and knowledge, so-called gurus and fake teachers are also increasing.

While it is easier to get updated news coverage, it has also created an avenue for fake and maliciously fabricated news.

No longer could one just rely on any single platform for 100% accurate news or information without any hidden agendas or biases.

We cannot even trust our news feeds on our social media walls, as there are algorithm to throw at us things that may influence or build upon our biases for government or corporation’s benefits.

I fear for the future as all these are just encouraging mistrust amongst people. Mistrust would breed skeptism and create inefficiencies in the entire population.

The future is indeed worrying, and being the optimist that I always try to be, I can only pray and hope for responsible and honorable people to be in top positions in a country and in corporations.

With these thoughts in mind, I hope that any further advancements will truly bring people together instead of apart. And while it is impractical to rely on hope only, in some situations, it is the only thing that is left to hold on to.

Praying for the World, especially for Amazon rainforest, United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China and even Singapore. I pray not for myself for my kids’ futures and their kids’ futures.



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