Be Authentic, Be Real, Be Tactful – Part 2 (Success at Work Series)

We define ourselves.

No one can describe who we are accurately. Only we can do that. Only we, ourselves, know the us that is being shown to the world and the us that is behind closed doors. Something even our spouses cannot accurately do.

To have sustainable success at work, in my humble opinion, is to be able to carry oneself truthfully and honestly, with full embrace of one’s weaknesses, and the clear knowledge of one’s strengths.

When I say truthfully and honesty, I am not referring to standing on some moral high grounds. Rather, I am saying that to weave web of lies and create stories to be successful is unsustainable. We should want success that brings happiness, balance in life and the ability to share this greatness with others.

As we are clearly aware from movies and real life examples from people around us, success through these shenanigans will only last as long as the person’s deceitfulness and cunning ways are not exposed. Then again, I truly wonder how satisfied and happy one can be if they always have to cover their bases and tracks, and to ensure that their lies and cunning ways are not exposed.

Therefore, as part of my simple and happy life mantra, success at work is best to come from honest work, a humble spirit and an ever willingness to take responsibility and learn from one’s mistakes.

I have many weaknesses in the early part of my career. I am still not perfect even after been at it for more than 10 years. I am very sure that I will never be perfect. The point is, it is a continuous learning journey.

Perfection is my guide but not my destination.

I know that I speak too quickly and during the early part of my career, my downfall was that I can be too direct and controntational with my superiors. That is why in this mini-series, the title includes being tactful. I was never a really good listener. I am still working on it, even more so now.

Good intentions without proper strategies and wisdom will never amount to any good.

Whether we are speaking to our bosses or our team members, it is important to be conscious of our words. I am not emphasizing on “cunning-ness” here. I am talking about wisdom. We have to mentally craft our speech to ensure the effectiveness of that which we want to communicate.

The difference between a wise speaker and an irresponsible one is in his choice of words.

There is no value to try to steamroll an idea to your superiors. Equally, it is useless to force it down on your team members without proper thought. Information are passed down through effective communication, thus the many courses and books available on this subject.

I hope that I am slowly massaging the importance of strategy, as well as, good intentions (honesty and authenticity) into you. We will explore more practical examples and strategies from my own career journey soon.

Until then, take care and have a beautiful week ahead!


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