Be Authentic, Be Real, Be Tactful – Part 1 (Success at Work Series)

The corporate jungle.

It is a well known fact that everyone is fighting for survival nowadays. In part, this could be attributed to the rising costs of living. Work is getting stressful and holding on to one is getting trickier as well.

Apart from the fact that the actual work can be demanding, we also have to navigate through the treacherous waters that is occupied by the diversity of personalities in the office. And sometimes, the latter could be trickier to handle than the former.

With the advancement of social media, lives have “opened up”. People are “sharing” more. But this does not necessarily mean that intentions are clearer than before. In fact, clarity of one’s character and personality is even more blurred. There is the online persona, and then the other side. It is getting harder to truly know someone and understand them.

With knowledge of that, we then can look inward and decide for ourselves how we should carry ourselves if we truly desire success at work.

To be continued…


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