What Internet Marketing taught me about Happiness

We are in a time where opportunities abound. All thanks to this Information Age. Almost everything is transparent now. Price of goods, effectiveness of a particular product and even comparison services, and so many others more.

It has accelerated the wealth of many. In fact, in 2014, there was an additional 920,000 millionaires being added to the World. One of the easiest way to start in the foray towards wealth is through affiliate marketing.

Every day, many people goes online to search for ways to start an online business. Internet Marketing is real. It is a legit business model that has brought fortunes to many over the past 15 years.

Having came back from a reflection adventure trip (Long San, Baram, Sarawak, Malaysia) where I read several books on self mastery and personal growth, I decided to take this chance of transition at working on learning and implementing Internet Marketing strategies. I am also devoting time to build this site, where in it, I hope to inspire people towards health, happiness and hopefully success.

I left my job in March 2016 and took a month off in Malaysia. I told myself that I will try to creatively sustain myself in the coming months and explore other ways of generating income. Of course, I did my due diligence prior to my resignation by ensuring that I have enough savings to sustain at least for the next 6 months.

I always harbor hopes of financial freedom. In the course of doing so, I have disappointed so many, including my beloved family. I will definitely write a separate post to dedicate my gratitude and sincere appreciation for their unwavering love and “stubborn” grip on our family ties.

It is truly not easy to step out into the unknown and to stretch our comfort limits. It can be daunting and overwhelming at times. No source of income and a list monthly commitments eg. maintenance for my kid, contribution to my family, my personal survival expenses, namely food, and also money to explore into the world of Internet Marketing.

It is human nature to fear. Using the 80/20 rule, only 20% of humans are wired to be courageous enough to take a stab at the social norms (of having a salaried jobs) and fight towards financial success. I have always been in the 80%. I was taught to be down-to-earth and to earn money the “proper” way – working for someone else. This was further reinforced after my past failures in trying to dabble into getting rich.

So what am I doing again?

This time is definitely different because I have made plans, eg. ensuring that I have enough savings to sustain me. I am also not dabbling in stocks speculation, which was the cause of my previous downfall. Furthermore, my brother and I have a small business providing photo scanning service (currently only to Singaporeans) that provides some relief for my expenses.

Additionally, I am not trying out some get-rich-quick schemes. I am learning how to sell other people’s products, something similar to what I was doing in my previous sales and business development roles.

So how has it been?

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Honestly, it is not easy. A lot of work. A lot of uncertainties. It is definitely a plunge. You are now a producer. Even though you are marketing someone’s product, you have to create awareness to your site. Creating always involves creativity. Obvious right? Haha.

I would like to think I am creative (I used to draw and some other things) but venturing on this journey has shown me that being creative is one thing but invoking it is a whole different challenge. It is constant work on a daily basis, eg. website design, marketing letter, landing pages, marketing message, etc.

So what has it taught me so far?

Moving out of my comfort zone is very uncomfortable, most of the times. I think the most important lesson that I have learnt is humility.

Humility, is definitely one of the most important key to happiness.

I set out on a journey to try something new, something foreign and I have to accept the results and feedbacks from data about my progress with humility. I cannot have pride and ignore the reality – revenue generated.

The effort and time spent so far may not equate to a success or an attainment of goal on an immediate basis. Success does not come from our own deduction of a possible solution or methods. Success comes from dedication and time, and time here is the unknown.

Humility then is to know that I do not have all the answers. I can only put my best foot forward and do my best. It is to know my own value and that I am good enough. Whatever the results of my pursuits, I can only smile and rejoice for that I have tried.

Journey to success is often a riddle. As much as there are proven methods and processes out there, it is still a journey we have to take on ourselves. It is still an emotional journey and we all react differently to different emotions. And despite of those emotions, humility gives us the perspective needed to accept whatever the outcomes are and take the necessary steps to improve and do better.

Humility then is to be realistic. It is to not be proud but to review, reflect and make necessary changes whenever needed. It is genuine a guide on path on life.

I really admire the courage and strength of all those who struck out on their own, freelancers, dreams chaser (singers, actors, etc) and business owners. They are indeed warriors of life. They fought and chase their dreams despite the tough times and hard work. I can only pray for such strength and determination!

Personally, I am thankful for the journey so far and I am definitely looking forward to the journey up ahead. Happiness is truly about knowing your own worth and believing in your effort. It is about not beating yourself up despite the progress but to rejoice in the fact that you took the step ahead.

When you choose happiness regardless of the situation because you know that you are giving your best and you are willing to make adjustments here and there, that’s humility. Humility is not about perfection but in spite of the lack of it. It gives you the freedom to choose happiness.

Oh, and don’t forget to smile always when you are on this journey. It helps a lot!

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With love and humility,


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