That is what we need if we truly want to live. This is how you allow yourself to experience life’s miracles. You plan to the best of your ability and trust that it brings you to a magical place or that it gives you an unforgettable experience.

My fitness journey, sharing in (>Instagram and most recently, my own official blog have all been a work of faith. I learn, explore and jump out in faith, sharing and writing not knowing who I would touch or inspire.

If I were to think too much or act only in certainty, I would not have been so blessed in the past 2 weeks. It was also through Instagram that I got connected and met a lovely girl whom I have the privilege to call my partner.

Only when you have faith can miracles happen. This is because you allow the universal to bring to you things that are beyond what you can imagine or believe that you can have.

Plan wisely and diligently but take leaps of faith frequently. This is living.


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