Finally… updates!

It has been a while since I last posted. There was really nothing interesting enough that would spur me to write up an entry. However, since I have finished my work for today and I still have some spare time, I guess I will just rant off anything that comes to mind.

Why not I start with a quick update for those who want to know what is going on in Damian’s life? Nothing much has changed since the last time I posted. I am still attached to a beautiful lady. Ha… I am still church-less. Oh! Thank God that I am still working in Creative. Just renew my contract that will see me through 24 April 2007. However, the pay remains the same… Okay, it is certainly better than wage-less. Let me see if there is any thing else. Nothing much… Oh! I am on an exercise regime. One that I hope I can stick to. I really need to lose some weight because I have ballooned ever since this beautiful lady came into my life and stuff me with her unfinished food. Ha! Now you see why there is this phrase, “Beauty and the Beast.” The beast cannot help it… Beauty does not want to eat, so the beast has to step up to the plate and help the beauty. Ha!

Just recently, I just sat through a rather eye opening event. I thought that such drama would only happen in the movies! I was wrong! I do not think that it is necessary for me to go into the details, as I do not want this post to hurt anyone. I never thought that I would see someone, especially a girl, go into a relationship only to give up suddenly, so that the person could get back into a previous relationship the following day. The person must be really cold and emotionless. All I have to say is that I do feel bad for my dear friend. If I were to go into this story, I do not think that this one post would be enough, as there was a history to it and to miss out on any of the points would be unfair to those involved. Anyway, I still think that love is such a mystery. I have recently just drawn a picture of a love being engulfed in flames with the caption, “Rub it the wrong way and it will burn you; Catch it the right way and it will ignite your heart with passion!”

Love is indeed something that no one can fully grasped. The process of love, how it is built up, how it move about… in fact, love is so mysterious, it does not have a standard path. So now, for those inquisitive minds, let me make this clear. I am talking about love on a human level, love that can be beautiful and at the same time, ugly. To be able to behold love is a blessing one would dearly grab on to. To be burnt from it, one would then question its existence. Such is the power of love.

I am amazed! Once I started to pen my thoughts, words will flow like an unstoppable river… gushing and overflowing its bank. I, however, have the power to stop this from becoming too overwhelming, so I think I would just stop here. I will be looking forward to the next time when I have the luxury to sit down with no distractions and the time to paint out the pictures in my mind. I guess I would leave you all with something I wrote to a friend, in reply to a statement a friend of mine made while we were discussing about how we view a relationship.

I don’t control every step that I take for I believe that God will lead me.
However, I don’t take a step at a time, wondering what my next step would be for I have a journey, a path in front of me.
The path may change. Yes! But still there is a path that I am on.
I don’t get dishearten when my path changes.
Rather, I learn to adjust and adapt, so I can continue to walk down the new path.


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