A tribute to my Grandmother

1st of March 2006 marks the passing on of my grandmother. The FIRST time losing someone close in the family. I had mixed feelings about the news. Although I was glad to know that she would no longer had to suffer the pain anymore here on earth, I am sad that she has to leave!

I have been close with my grandmother since young! To look back, many things happened between us. I remember that when I was young, I would kick her when I was in my bed, whenever she wanted me to wake me up, so that she could bring me to church for mass. I was too young to know her well intentions and too lazy to attend sunday masses with her. There are times when I would extort money from her during Chinese New Year too. Haha… Well, I wouldn’t say these were proud moments of my life. I would, however, like to thank my grandmother for being the wonderful lady she had always been. Someone who would always take my full load of nonsense, someone who really took care of me, someone who was always there to pray for me and someone who LOVES me DEARLY! Thinking back, I am really at a loss right now! I will no longer be able to talk to her and touch her.

It hurts to have to go through the death of someone close but I am encouraged and delighted to know that she has gone to somewhere better, somewhere peaceful… into the arms of God! This sunday will be the day of her cremation. Until then, I will be there to accompany my grandmother at the wake.

It feels so different to see someone lying there motionless, not responding, not looking back at you when you want to interact with her. I will always miss the days when I tried to tease her. I will also remember the days when she would say ‘Thank you’ when I went to visit her while she was sick. Certainly, I will remember her as someone who is strong, someone who is devoted to God, someone who can take hardships and someone who loves us very much! I want to thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful lady! One who took care of me since I was a baby. I LOVE YOU, GRANDMA!

A warm smile
was always there to embrace us.
A gentle touch
was all she had for us.
A devoted heart
showed us your passion for God.
This is our grandmother.

Your fighting spirit
encouraged us to be stronger.
Your peaceful body
will always remind us of the wonderful times.
You are our beloved grandmother.

Now that you are gone,
the fond memories we had with you,
we will hold it closely to our hearts.

We will always love you;
pray for you;
miss you;
think about you
and we will always thank God for you.


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