Post- Chinese New Year

Just a quick review of the past week. So many things happened in the past week. I did an ad-hoc project for my department. It was a pilot programme to test if it is viable to have phone support here in Singapore for the US region. Then there was Chinese New Year!

Firstly, I have to praise God that the pilot programme was a fun and, for me, successful one. I am not sure how the management rates it but for me, I managed to resolve about 90% of the issues faced by our US customers through the phone. For the rest of 10%, they had to get back to us. I did, however, have one or two which I needed to escalate their issues to our advance support team for further assistance. Therefore, based on how happy the customer sounded and the many thank you I got from most of the customers, I have to give myself a pat on the back and congratulate myself on a job well done. I have to point out that this is the first time I am doing phone support and I have to admit that it is not something, which one can just take up the phone and start providing support. Yeah… Praise God for His anointing!

Secondly, Chinese New Year was very special this year! Why? The reason why it was special is because it was the first time I brought my girlfriend along! It was so special to me! We spent a great day going from house to house to “bai nian.” My grandma, as you would know, is really sick but I am glad that she was able to spend Chinese New Year with all of us! Though she was in a little bit of pain when her children when to visit her, I could see the joy in her eyes when she saw different people visit her. It was indeed something that money could not buy and I can see that it was really precious to her.

As I am typing this post, I have a heavy burden in my heart because my grandma has since being hospitalized. She was in pain after the third day of Chinese New Year and my aunt admitted her to the hospital. I will be going to the hospital after work today and I do really pray that the strength of God and the love of God will be there to strengthen and encourage her. God kinda lifted the heaviness in my heart this morning after I said a prayer for her. I just hope that she will go peacefully and without much pain if that is the next phase for her. However, if her time is not up yet, I do hope that she will pull through strongly and painlessly too!

To end off, I just want to testify of God’s ever goodness in my life. Two nights ago, I found out that was not able to find my work pass. I called my brother and requested him to help me check if it was in the house to no avail. I checked my bag and I checked with a fellow friend whom I was but the results were negative. While I was on my way to work yesterday, I was certain that my pass must be lost but I wanted to go home and check one last time before I order a new one. During the journey, I decided to pray and ask God to help me in my search for the pass. I said a short prayer and continued the day as per normal, waiting for the day to end, so I could go home and check on the pass. Halfway through the day, the reception in my office building called and told me that someone found the pass and had made the way down to my office to return it to the security office. When I heard that, I was so thankful and blessed! I could not stop praising God for His favor and His mercy! Despite so many things, He remains faithful and gracious! I am indeed thankful! I do really treasure God not for His ability to help me retrieve that which was lost but His merciful and gracious love He has for me!

Though 2006 did not start right for me in more than one ways, eg. computer broke down, had a huge argument with my mum, etc, there are instances and moments that showed me otherwise. I am hopeful always that conclusions are not only drawn from what I know or what I see. Sometimes, things are so complicated and there are others, things are just so simple. In either time, I do not think that I will be able to draw a concrete conclusion to that part of my life story. God, who has the all-powerful pen, will be able to change and alter the ending of that part of my life story. I am hopeful that whatever He pens, I will get what He thinks is best for me!


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