Season of Receiving!

Chinese New Year is just round the bend and it is another season of harvest. 😉 For the benefit my American friends, Chinese New Year is time where the Chinese will visit each other’s families. A pair of oranges will be presented to the host by the guests as a form of wishing the host good luck and prosperity. The married adults will also give red packets or what we, Chinese, call it, ANG BAO, to the non-marrieds in the family. This is the reason why I said that this i a season of harvest! Haha… we will be moving around from house to house to collect our LONG-AWAITING rewards! Haha… Just kidding! It is going to be a great time of gathering, where most of the family members will gather at one place to chat and to eat!

This year, it will, however, be a bit special. Our grandma’s health is still not that good but we will still be celebrating this New Year with her. She will be at home and I believe that she will have a great time, despite her health. We will definitely make this a memorable one for her. We wanted to do it during Christmas but she was admitted to the hospital on the day when we wanted to celebrate for her. I believe that this time round, everything will go as plan. I am definitely looking forward to it.

I have been rather tied up lately with work. I have not been hitting the gym and running for a while. 😦 That’s demoralizing because it is evident on my waist! This absence from gym and the running track is have adverse effects on my physique! Haha… man… if my dad’s taxi has a flat tyre (not sure if this is the correct spelling for the rubber thingy that wraps around the metal wheel of a car), I would believe that I will be of much use! 🙂 Haha…

I hate this state of me! I will certainly squeeze some time out the within the rest of the week and next to do some exercise. Oh! I registered for my company’s aerobics kickboxing too! This will be my first aerobics class in my whole entire life! I am so excited! At last, I can throw some mean punches and get those kicks done without having to look stupid! 🙂

Be joyful always! Hopeful in ALL things! To have joy is not to seek for the source. Rather it is to delight in the whatever you are having NOW!


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