Birthday planning – Fun?

In about one and a half month, I will have the “blessed and honoured” opportunity to celebrate a very special lady’s birthday. This lady is special because she has always been my clutches when I was facing my crippling storms of life. As my blog title suggests, I have always been running in this journey called life and there are times when a small pebble comes along to trip me, which brought some serious injuries to me. Not literally though.

In any way, let just start by saying that she, the lady, has been a source of joy and pain! Oops. Haha… Ups and downs, eh? Haha. Okay! To prevent any misunderstanding, which may arise towards the lady, let me just say that the pain I am referring to is the kind of pain you will feel when you felt that you could have done more for her in a particular situation. Simply put, it hurts me when I indirectly or direct hurt her. Oh! Before you start to point your finger and hurl insults at me, remember that there are 4 other fingers pointing back at you! *Chuckles* Don’t forget that you are not perfect yourself!

So now, let’s get back to the topic at hand – Birthday planning. The question is, do you find that planning a birthday for such a special person is stressful? Ha! Okay! It could be stressful due to several reason, so before you arrive at a particular reason, please know that origins of the stress can be rather diverse. It could be a good kind of stress, just like it could be the bad kind of stress. Whatever it is, I believe that the joy you experience during these “stressful” times is inevitable because you are doing it for that special someone.

For me, all I can say is that I really want to give her a great day. Before and after that, I also want to be sure that she never regrets the choice the she made by making me her special someone too. I am stress, to say the least. Stress because there are thousand and one ways to celebrate birthdays. However, I believe that like everything else, there is that special one, which will sweep her off her feet and blow her away! Haha.. See that literally and I would be like some psychopath. Of course I don’t mean it literally! Haha! I am still in the midst of researching for the ONE! I guess time is still on my side. With the powerful Internet, information, too, is on my side! Oh! With the goverment latest splurge on me, the Progress Package, I guess resources, namely money, is on my side TOO! Wahaha… what can I say. Everything seems to be on my side. I guess I have no excuse to fail then. Stay tune! We shall see the outcome at the end! Will it be one romantic day or will it be a flop?! I hope that it will be the former. Fingers crossed though.

Oh! If you guys have any great – let me emphasis again, GREAT – ideas, please do feel free to drop me an email at (> In the meantime, have a blessed Labour Day! I guess I will have all the time in the world to think more about this sacred task at hand – Birthday planning – since I need to work tomorrow, a public holiday! Ha! God bless! Love you all!


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