What happened!!!?

“Pok, pok, pok…”

Argh! What is happening to me? My curiosity is activated as I begin to slap my tummy with my hands again.

“Pok , pok, pok…”

Then I begin to pinch myself… Am I dreaming? Is my worst nightmare coming true for me?


I guess this is for real. Let me try on my pair of jeans, which is meant for 32-inch waists.


This cannot be real! I breathe in as I try to push the button towards to the slit. As I begin to try harder, I start to feel a choke from the waist up.


Finally, it is in! I breathe a sigh of relief. At least, I am not going waste money to get a new pair. However, this fit is at the expense of my comfort. My thighs and buttocks feel like they are going to burst out from those cleverly engineered Levi’s Jeans. What’s worst is that the tightness of the jeans is forcing extra pounds of fats (from my buttocks and thighs) up onto my waist, which is already flooding the banks of my jeans.

This is getting really uncomfortable. Imagine the jeans shrinking after a wash… Oh boy! I will have to try twice as hard to fit into them. What could happen next? For now, I am not really sure. This has spurred the once energetic soul lost inside of me to start working hard; to find a way out from the abyss to regain control over this laid back body. However, the comfort of not having to exercise and the mouth watering draws of those delicacies are definitely not acting as a gravitational force in aid of the once energetic spirit in its acts to resurface. In fact, they are doing the opposite. They are forcing it back in…

I guess I have to find a way to help the once energetic soul in its quest to surface! I have to yank out my eyes! I have to set aflame my buttocks! Can I do it? Hmm… I really doubt so but I am going to try. Yanking out the eyes may seem hard but the least I can do is to stop feasting my eyes on those juicy meat and those delicious candies! Setting myself ablaze seems to be another daunting task. However, I can try to start to move more now. Make moving my body a habit is what I am going to tell myself from now on! Be active!

With my facial features squeezed in, in enthusiasm, I make a warrior shout and cried out, “ARRRRRRRRRRRR-GGGG-HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I WANT TO WEAR MY 32 INCH JEANS EASILY!”


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