Great start to a Great week!

After such a “scary” past week, my monday kicked off without much happenings! Haha… That means that this is going to be a GREAT week! Ah… I wonder what is going to happen next. After a series of unfortunate events, I would believe that good things are going to follow! So now, I am really looking forward to my blessings! Haha… Oh… and what a great time to be blessed, since Christmas is coming!

Just finished my work for the day and I am looking forward to a wonderful evening! I will be going to check out on some mobile phone plans and the price of a Nokia 3230! My contract is up and it is time to sign a new contract and reward myself with a new phone! Haha… Now that I am working, I guess my budget can increase! This phone, which I am looking at, will cost me around $200 together with the mobile plan! Hmm… However, the phone has a shortcoming. It can get laggy at times. I really love the functions and features of the phone though. I guess I have to make a decision then! I will be spending my evening thinking and checking out more about it!

Lastly, Christmas is just around the corner. I wonder how I will be spending this Christmas. Last Christmas, I was busy preparing for my church’s drama production. This Christmas? Haha… I have time, as I am not involved in the upcoming production. I guess I will be doing some shopping then, to get gifts for my loved ones, family members to be precise. If I really do manage to get presents for them, this, I guess, will be the very first time I am doing such a thing! I don’t think that I have given Christmas gifts to my family members before. Haha… It is going to be awkward, giving presents to my mum and dad! We are Asians and I do get awkward when we get too mushy! Haha… Christmas is a season of giving, right? I guess I will make this move and start being more giving and loving! Ah… a scary, yet fulfilling task.

Gotta stay positive in life and to grab on to the hope! I am going to have a great end to my year, 2005! I believe! =)


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