Christmas 2005

Today marks the EVE of a special day, CHRISTMAS! Christmas, like always, is a day of celebrations, gift givings and in particular, it is a day where joy can be tangibly felt! If you do not believe me, just walk around during Christmas day and you will know that it is not like any other day. Wherever you go, you will be able to feel this strange joy in you, with nothing tangible triggering it. Until this day, it still amazes me.

It is definitely more than the gift and the Santa Claus. For me, I would like to think that it is because it is indeed a special day, a day where our Saviour, Jesus Christ, is borned.

This Christmas for me is special in many ways. This is going to be my first Christmas since 2002 where I am not going to spend it with my church friends. Instead, this will be the first Christmas I am spending it with my partner! This is also the first time I am giving Christmas gifts to my family and I really enjoyed myself! Oh! I miss my Drama team too!!! It was during a Christmas production that I was asked to help. Subsequently, it was there that I was brought into the Drama team! Love you guys!

Christmas is more than just a calendar holiday for me. Especially this year where many things happened for me. Christmas reminds me of a new birth and a new hope. 2006 will defintely be a different year for me. I know it will. I love Christmas.

On Christmas day itself, I will, for the first time, be spending it with my girlfriend and my family. As you know, my grandma is really sick now and the entire family just want to spend it with her, to encourage her and to shower love onto her. We will be having our first gift exchange. This is definitely first for me. Wondering on the gift I am going to get. OOPs. Hehe… Nah… Looking forward a great time I am going to have with them all! =)

Alright people, that’s all from me! I wish you that you will have a great and enjoyable Christmas. May this Christmas be a meaningful one to you! Let the joy that’s in the air renew you! At the same time, I want to wish you all a Happy new year too! God bless! =)


2 thoughts on “Christmas 2005

  1. ya lor, seems like the first time i didnt see u on the drama scene. but i believe sooner or later you will be back lah, got talent mah. can;t be hidden for too long lor. really hope to see you on the 2nd jan. maybe try to take some time off or leave, join us for a bowling game lah. rachel got to leave early for work, cindy got to leave early for dinner too. but at least can take a group photo again. let me know ok?merry merry christmas and happy happy new year….

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