Choice: Rejoice!

Wow! I am totally amazed at what had happened throughout the past week! It was one of the worst weeks in my whole entire life. I have not had so much things, be it big or small, happened to me in a matter of a week!

At the start of the week, I spilled a cup of beverage on my work table and some of my papers were soaked. Some of it even got into my keyboard and not to mention, dirtying the carpet, making it stink. Then throughout the week, more accidents happened. Then just yesterday, after alighting from the cab, I had the shock of my life! I left my wallet in the cab! This is indeed a first for me! I have never lost my wallet before after I got my identity card. However, thank God, the wallet came back to me at the end of the day, all thanks to a helpful cabby!

Then like an icing to a cake, my harddisk crashed! The one where all the essential data are stored crashed! There goes my digital photographs and all of the other important files, which I have in it! My music, movies, sermons… they are all gone! This is the second time my harddisk died on me. The first, I lost a few hundreds of pieces of memories too, my photographs. This time, I lost even more. However, thank God that I had done a backup about a month ago. Therefore, the loss is still not that bad. I am really perplexed now! Things are really not going smoothly for me this week. Everything that can go bad went bad!

However, my spirits are still high! I am not defeated. Thank God that these are all material stuff. All the lost memories and data only makes me realise the importance of backing up and to cherish the new memories ahead! Though my heart aches, I do feel strengthened. Week like this only strength and reduce my reliance on material things; showing me that all these are temporary and that it can one day die/disappear from the face of this earth! I can still praise God and thank Him for everything else and for the strength to go through this week.

I just want to really thank God for the wallet episode. When I realised that I had left the wallet in the cab, I could have gone crazy and panic but these was this hope and peace in me. I prayed and really lifted the burden up to God. I did what I can, trying to recall the cab’s company and making a call to make a report for the lost. All I could do was to wait and hope. I could not run around to locate the cab. I could not call the cabby, as I did not have his contact. However, God gave me strength to stay calm and hope to keep my faith strong! Praise God for such a wonderful week amidst all the bad encounters and experiences! I will rejoice in all things for worrying and lamenting do not bring forth a change! I will stay positive!


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