Wonderful Weekend!

The weekend that has just passed was awesome. Not only did I start going to gym again, I went to East Coast park for a great cycling and sun tanning session on sunday! What more can I ask for? Haha… I guess this is a good way to get myself back to the pathway towards a greater physique and health!

I have been down with a series of illness, eg. diarrhea, flu and headaches for the past two to three weeks and that has kind of hold back my progress towards a better health! Hmm… I guess I have to keep myself healthy, so that I can get myself healthier! Have been having much more suppers because of my girlfriend! Haha… she is not fat, so I guess she can afford! Being the GOOD boyfriend that I am, of course, I will accompany her out for suppers! Haha!

Ok… so my resolution for Decemeber will be to not fall sick and to be consistent in visiting the gym and at least run once every week! Strength, determiniation, belief and hope is what I need! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Haha… A healthy and toned body is what I am working towards to!

That’s so much for this post! A post to remind myself to keep fit physically. As a result, I believe I will be healthy emotionally too! 🙂


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