Interesting comment!

I got this comment in my blog today:

“You seem to talk alot about God but yet seems like you have left Him long ago!?”

When I saw this comment, I was kinda shocked at how shallow this person is. No offence though. I was thinking… why would he/she make this kind of comment? How did he/she know if I have left God?

The question here is not about leaving God. The question I have is what or who is God to this person? I believe this person, let’s name him/her Z. Z should be someone I know or someone who knows who I am. I believe why Z said what he/she said was because he/she knows certain things, which are happening in my life.

So the question is… must someone do or meet a certain requirement(s) before he/she can be passed of as with God? Similarly, if someone else does not, does that qualify him/her to be not with God? This worries me because the whole idea of God is so messed up.

God is the reason why we do certain things, eg. attending services, reading the Bible, praying, etc. However, does doing all these things means that a person has God? This, I will not want to answer. Similarly, not attending service does not mean that a person is without God. He may just be going through some issues in life and he may be sorting them out at this current moment. Therefore, this really scares me! It is when people start to have a fixed view on certain things and they start to pass them off as a truth. Instead of helping, it may have deterring effects.

I am certainly not angry with that comment. I am, however, disappointed with what Z said, to pass off a certain conclusion based on his/her own reasoning. I do believe, like what I shared two posts ago, that we have to be wiser in our words, to be sensitive towards others. Words are powerful and they DO kill! Not literally but it can kill a man’s soul!


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