“Sensitivity means you’re aware of others. you can see what’s going on inside, not just outside. You can interpret body language as well as spoken language. A sensitive person looks into other people’s eyes and can tell if they’re pset, if they’re being honest, if they’re holding something back, or if they’re angry. Sensitive people are observant, but gentle. They dont try to expose others, but rather support them and encourage them – senstive people know how to truly be with others, Being a Christian doesn’t give a person the right to preach to others about their needs or to immediately try to fi those needs. A real disciple notices the need first, works to understand that need, and then decides what to do. Disciples don’t exist to fix people, but to notice people.”

From the book Devotion by Mike Yaconelli

Let’s really start to be more sensitive to others. You may be of good intention but good intention can harm if not handle correctly! 🙂 Have a blessed sunday!


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