Acknowledge positively

Acknowledge your shortcomings positively.
It is good to know that you are not perfect and work towards being a better person.
However, never acknowledge and affirm that you are not good enough.
The way we speak to ourselves is important. You never want to allow yourself to be shortchanged by yourself.
The greatest battle of all is within ourselves.

Refreshed and reborned

I am happy to share that I have officially registered a proper domain for my blog. It was my personal way of sealing my commitment to work on it and hopefully through it, bless others.

I am currently writing my first book. Yes, I am now a writer. And why not? We can be so many things. We just have to believe and put forth the work required to succeed.

“There is a time and season for everything. But the time to act is always now. Life waits for nobody. Instead, it is always crying out for someone to stand up, someone to give life its meaning. When one does, it does not smirk for the previous lack of urgency, life simply rejoices. Act now and be the change, the difference that life needs you to be.”