Let’s talk about our perspectives! Everyone has an own set of mindset, be it positive or negative. A good analogy of our perspectives is in this simple yet well known picture of a glass half filled with water. As we all know, the glass may be half-empty to some and be half full to others.

So is there anything wrong with either one of them? The answer is NO! Definitely not! This just shows how we look at things. For people who say that the glass is half-empty, they are the ones who will always focus on the negative aspect of things. As for the other group who thinks that the glass is hall filled, they are the ones who look on the brighter side of things. Since our views on things are free, which is the one you want to choose?

Let’s take a look at those who see the glass as half-empty. People over here think that since the glass is half-empty, why should they then go and fill up the glass. Even if they were to fill up the glass, the glass will go back to its half-empty stage again! To these people, the glass will eventually be EMPTY! Therefore, it is HOPELESS to fill up the glass! What does this mean? This means that people with this view do not like to take actions. Most of the situations to them are more or less final! They do not believe that they can do anything to change the situation they are in. Even if they were to try and change, they will fail. As you can see, even before they have the courage to take a step, they have already handed themselves a report card, a report card that has a big four letters on them, F-A-I-L!

Now, let’s take a look at the other group who see the glass as half full! People who see it in this way know that they are half way to a filled glass of water! They will then want to fill up the glass; enthusiastic about wanting to have a full glass of water. Therefore, they are the ones who know that they have the power to change the situations they are in. The situations they are in are not final and if they start to make the right move/actions, also known as filling up the glass, they will be able to change a bad situation into a good one (a filled glass). Nothing in final is life. They will never resign to life. Instead, they see that life is challenging and fun. Life is full of opportunities for them to exercise their power to shape a situation! They are hopeful and they believe!

Belief is important! Belief gives us a hope! This hope in turns stirs us, which leads to actions! Actions get things going. When things start to move, results, good and bad start to show! This is when situation starts to change! At this point, the point is not about whether the results are good or bad. Results are determined by the actions! But the point I am emphasizing here is that when you are positive, you believe you can change any given situation, which are unfavorable. When you believe, you will start to make the necessary (good) actions, which will lead ultimately to a (good) ending!

After saying so much, let me emphasize this again. Perspectives are free! It does not cost you anything to think positive! It certainly does not cost you anything to think negative too! Therefore, since being positive gives you a chance to change things for the better, and that having this perspective, it is free, why not choose a positive perspective! When you are in a negative situation, being negative does not make it positive. However, being positive gives you a hope to make it positive! Thus, I can certainly conclude that having a positive mindset put you in a no lose situation. You may fail to make it positive but at least, you tried. But see it this way, what if you do succeed?

Start looking at the brighter side of things… Everything will gradually become more and more beautiful, as you no longer focus on the negative aspect of things but instead, you learn how to appreciate and admire the already available positive attributes! Doesn’t this make life more interesting and fun? Don’t you think that you will be happier this way? Start living life on the right note! Be blessed!


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