The past few weeks have really provoked my mind and thoughts I have not stumbled upon suddenly came rushing towards me head on. Emily Rose and just recently, the death of Eddie Guerrero.

Questions like what is really important in life and many others began to hit me. Is our dream the main priority in life? Or is it more than all that? Attaining our dreams and at the same time, not sacrificing that which is simple yet important in life, our love for our loved ones.

Eddie did that… He loved his family and he ran after his dreams, wrestling! He was a good man despite his pasts. It was an emotional lost for the wrestling world and for all the wrestling fans! You can see the love he left behind. He has indeed stole millions and millions of hearts. That became evident after his passing on… Grown men weeping at their lost, small kids crying in shock… Eddie had certainly impacted lives during his life.

Like in many of the superstars’ testimonial, despite all these, they knew that he was a not even close to where he is now years backs. Life was dark and demons came attacking him from all corners. He had been through alot, fought many battles… and like what one of the superstars said, it is not how we start but how we end in life that matters! But when is the end? That is the question that hit me! We will never know when is the exact last day of our lives! Life is more than selfish gains, it is about discovering the lovely part of self. Coming in tune with oneself, to appreciate this world God has created and to admire the beauty God put in this wonderful world.

Emily Rose brought the reality of God closer to me. Eddie? He showed me that in this broken down and corrupted world, love is still pure. That love can touch the hearts of man, even the most hardened of individuals. Eddie loved! He sacrificed for his family. He sacrificed for his dream. He injured himself, so that he could perfect moves and bring more entertainment to the wrestling industry. Despite his on-screen heel (bad) personality, he is still loved by many… for his art, his professionalism and his passion for this business. When you mentioned Eddie these few days, you will be able to sense love… because he loved his fans, everyone… and everyone loves him too!

Life is short and unexpected! I mourn for Eddie’s passing! This entry is dedicated to him! I do sincerely respect him, his works and everything else related to him. I am happy, however, that he found God and was devoted to know God more. His faith and his strength in God was inspiring too. I believe that he is resting comfortably in God’s hands now! The only comfort towards death is to know that death is not the end… instead, it gives us an opportunity to go into aplaceof greater comfort, peace and love!

Life, there is more to life than money, religion and many others! Life is about relationships. Relationships with people and most importantly, our relationship with our Creator, the One who made all these possible!


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