Blinded by the E word!

Never let your present emotions blind your progress!

Once again, when I was having a casual chat with the same friend, I realized something new again! We were talking about his progress with this girl he likes and about the emotions he is having. Then, as I was encouraging and trying to lift up his spirits with my words, I typed out this phrase, “Never let your present emotions blind your progress!” Once again, my mind is slower than my hands. As I read what I have just typed, it made me realize that I have uncovered something priceless, something which I have been struggling with too.

Revelations or lessons I learnt from unconventional ways are priceless to me! They are unlike lessons I can learn from the normal means, eg. reading, school, etc. These revelations, as I like to call them, tells me that God is with me. I believe that we, normal humans who only use 3% of our brains, cannot really have these sudden sparks of brilliance out of the blue. Something or Someone must have push a certain button or cause a veil in a certain part of our brain to be removed! Like I have said, I always treasure these revelations and I do not want that to stop! It causes me to learn and improve myself; sometimes, getting myself out of the mud, which I, myself, have led myself in.

Let’s now talk about the phrase I have just shared, “Never let your present emotions blind your progress!” Let me share it directly from my life. There are times when I knew that there is progress in a situation and that it is going smoothly. Then all of the sudden, something happened and it invoked some emotions within me, eg. perceiving that some is isolating from me. I know that this friendship is growing and is healthy. However, an action from that friend may have triggered some negative emotions.

When this happens, I will tend to be ignorant to the fact that before these emotions, we have a healty friendship. I will then focus on these negative emotions… deceiving myself, thinking that our friendship is not growing, instead, it is plunging. Therefore, emotions can really help us, when they are positive. The opposite is true. Emotions can also blind us, leading us to believe something, which may not be true. Despite all these, I sincerely believe that emotions are good! What we need to do is to be in control, instead of having it control us. Emotions can shed some light on certain areas, which we may be blinded to. However, in doing so, they can also lead us into another darkness, to a place where we cannot see reality.

What I have learnt from this is that I have to know the facts. I cannot deny a fact just by having a particular emotion. Things may be bleak but that is only from my perspective. It may not be the case. Therefore, I will always want to have a positive outlook to all things and I will not want to let my emotions tell me things or place conclusions in my head. Never let emotions blind my progress. God bless!

It is almost 6… almost time to knock off! One more day to the weekends… Hmm… Sad to say, this weekend is burnt! I have to work on both days! Haha… But all is good! It is only for this week! God bless you all and have a nice weekend on my behalf!


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