More to Life!

This is a comment that I have posted on a fellow sister-in-Christ’s msnspace, which I think was kinda inspiring. It was written without much thought. Oh! It certainly encouraged me and I hope that it will do the same for you too!

“We, being lazy, always think that there is still time… to enjoy the world before committing our lives to God. I, myself, face this kind of dilemma too. Is it worth it to know God now and to give up the world?

However, I know, after knowing God that… it is more than giving up your OWN time, your OWN world… but it is INCORPORATING God into our lives… not for the wrong things though. Don’t get me wrong. But life is about discovering that, which has not been discovered together with our Creator!

It is like a kid building a sandcastle with his dad. Block of sand on top of another block of sand. Finding ways to strengthen this wonderful castle they are building…

Life is definitely more than work, bills and entertainment! Why do we want the best of one world when we can enjoy the best of both worlds! :)”


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