At last… I was able to NOT go to work on a rainy morning! I was working for the past 4 days! haha… even though there were 2 holidays!!!! Hmpf! Haha… So here I am… early in the morning… with nothing much to do! The plan was to go for a swim… but just like I have mentioned… IT’S RAINING! =( So i guess that’s off!

Oh! I got another agenda… I have to a radiology clinic for a Chest X-Ray! Wow… that’s serious! I have been coughing for weeks and I have this wheezing sound when I breathe in and out. Of course, this is affecting my daily life. I pity my colleagues because they have to bear with my LOUD coughs and the bugs that I may be spreading! Muahaha… so yeah… may be going back to bed before making this trip down to Jurong East for the scan! Oh! After that, I will be going for my LONG-AWAITED haircut! I hate long and thick hair!!! They are so hard to style… man…. Thank God that this is THE DAY!!!! =)

Reviewing this post showed me that it is really unorganized! haha… with not theme at all! I guess this is just an update since it has been a while I last posted! Anyway, I am currently reading a book, sent to me by an anonymous person! The title of the book is “Have You Felt Like Giving Up Lately.” I have to say the author who wrote this is really real… Not just about FAITH preaching. Rather he really comes from a human point and really review the struggles we all go through. Though I still struggle through some of the truths, coming to terms with some of it, I really enjoy this book! I am praying that God will continue to bless and strengthen me! =)

So as this is a blog which people whom I know may read and one of them may be the one who gave me this book, I just wanna say thanks! Haha… though it was weird like… the books you receive really depends on how people perceive your spiritual life! Haha… If you are doing well, you may be getting another book and stuff! Though it can be rather shallow at times… but I really thank God for bringing this book to me. I have yet to finish it and sure, it is already pouring new wine into me! 🙂

Finally, I just wanna thank all my cool friends who have been faithfully praying for me! God bless you people! See ya!



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