Inspiring Spiderman 2!

Went out to watch Spiderman 2 with my siblings yesterday and I have to say that Spiderman 2 is one inspiring movie.  It shows how in wanting to be a hero, one has to sacrifice so much.  It is one thing to be cool to be admired as a superhero but it is another thing to LIVE IT!  People usually think that it is so easy if we have supernatural powers.  How not true that is!  If we do have supernatural power and want to be people who are responsible, truly loving and having the best interest for the people, we have to be like Spiderman; hiding behind a mask, to protect your family’s interest, etc. 


The show kind of relates to me and it really spurs me on, challenging my mindset.  To do the right thing, we, sometime, have to even give up our dreams!  Wow!  Mind-blowing.  The revelation  hit me and it makes me think how the many people in my life and the leaders over me, this nation sacrificed for me/us just to make my life a better one! 


Fame aside, superheroes are really people who sacrifice for the good of others and still be responsible in their own lives.  On top of that, having the interest of their closed ones at heart.  Once everything is right, everything will fall in place.  Not forgetting about the God you serve.  If you live right, you will never fail to be blessed.  I was so happy when Peter Parker got what he really deserves!  He needed that understanding from the love of his life, appreciation from the onlookers for hanging on in there when times were hard and that good feeling for knowing that what he did was THE RIGHT THING TO DO.  We must never be afraid to do the right things, even when it COST us something.  Afterall, Jesus Christ did the thing that needed to be done for the redemption of mankind!  How great was that!  Will post more thoughts 0n Spiderman 2. 

Catch it if you have not!  Mind-blowing, awesome and INSPIRING!  On the sidenote, I think Peter Parker is a Christian!  Why?  His God never shortchanged him, yeah?  🙂  He deserving got what he desires.  Let’s live right, start facing our inner fears of wanting to commit ourselves in living right and love all those commitments that come with it!


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