Thank you my dear Friends and Leaders!

I just wanna dedicate this post to all my dear FRIENDS and LEADERS for praying and interceding for me when I was sick!  I must say that I am truly blessed to be surrounded by all of them.  I love you guys and gals! 🙂 




Pst Lillian Cher – Thank you for being so sweet and loving.


Brother Nicholas – Thanks Lao Bang! 🙂


Brother Khen Theen – My powerful CG leader who brought two packets of juices for me!  so blessed!


Brother Victor – I really salute this great leader! 🙂 came just to pass me the ear plugs when i was in the hospital, the hospital was too noisy! haha… a BIG THANK YOU to YOU… feel so bad that you came all the way and to have you to leave immediately! 🙂


Sister Suwen – My ex CG LEADER… sweet lady who was always there for me in times of need. 🙂


Sister Cindy – My SOT team leader… thanks for the prayers.. 🙂 was the first one to lay hands on me when i went to school on tue feeling super disoriented. 🙂 hehe….


All the LEADERS from LC zone! – Thanks!!! 🙂

All the other leaders whom I have missed! – THANK YOU… LOVE YOU ALL




My CG MEMBERS – Thanks for you prayers… visits… so blessed by your prayers and presence….

Thank you Kheng Guan, Serene, Kevin, Kenneth, Peishan, my bro, GONGKAI, Susan… and all the rest!!! 🙂

Oh… yeah.. the kids of W236 too.. thanks for the sweet card!! … these kids are children of my CG members 🙂 very sweet kids… Jillian, Joelle, Denise and Dillion!


My SOT Pals!

Thanks Peter, Lena, Terri, Gina, Brian, Matthias, Adele Jie, Shushan, Veron, Xuejun, David and all!! 🙂 so blessed to have you guys.. 🙂 thanks for fasting and praying! 🙂 appreciate it alot! 🙂 love you guys.. cannot wait to see you guys tomorrow.


My Drama Pals!

My bro, GARY QUEK!  Alyssa, Sister Chin Ling, Ai Ling(sweet gal who came to my house and visited me when i was sick, THANKS!), and EVERYONE Else that i have missed out!! 🙂 thanks… so sad that i could not be part of the upcoming production! 🙂 hehe.. but I will be there… SUPPORTING you guys! 🙂 go and “break a leg” hehe..


Thanks Emily Ong and Eunice Ong!! 🙂


All the other friends whom i Have missed out… thanks… 🙂 Love you all… my Love tank is so FILLED NOW.. haha….


OKOK… NOT FORGETTING MY FAMILY.. for taking care of ME… and my beloved MUM! 🙂 thanks for helping me with so many things.. 🙂 thanks SYLVESTER AND CERENNA for getting food and tolerating my nonsense! 🙂 hehehe…


Love you all,



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