Moving on!

Usher Ministry has given and taught me alot in church. From it, I have also known a few GREAT pals. I have to admit that it is kind of sad to have to move on to another ministry although it was me who made that decision to move on. Having to forsake serving with the familiar clique of brothers and sisters and simply not ushering is kind of a huge change, seeing that I have served in usher ministry for around 2 years.

Nonetheless, changes are always GOOD and I have to thank unsher ministry for having a part in moulding my character and aiding me in my spiritual growth. I just wanna thank all the leaders, section and teams ICs that I have been under and all the usher mates that have faithfully served alongside me for the past 2 years. Oh ya, not forgetting the forever friendly and warm, Bro Richie Goh, our Chief usher. Haha… He really reminds me of the Big Friendly Giant. 🙂

Now, it is time to move on in the next phase of my spiritual life, serving God in the CHOIR MINISTRY. A ministry that is filled with exicting and exuberant people! I just attended my first practice last week and I have to say that I really do feel like a newcomer in church. Haha… everything seems to have been reset. New bonds need to be built;new skills need to be acquired and most importantly, new areas of my life to be moulded! Haha… oh man… it seems like an arduous task but I know that it can be done as I will once again learn how to rely on the Spirit of God to empower me! Anyway, I am really looking forward to stand on stage and sing to the thousands in the auditorium. It is a great privilege and an honor to be given a chance to in this great ministry!

Let’s see where this will lead me… One thing for sure… it is going to lead me to a higher ground and I am sure that I am going to have a great time serving God with singing and dancing! Woohoo! Thanks for reading my blog. I hope that it really encourages you to maximise your time in whatever ministry you are serving in; to squeeze every single bit out of the ministry. Haha… to learn as much is what I what say plainly. 🙂 Oh… One more thing… the year is ending and I have to say that another transition is coming up… my SOT is ending.. going to be a “Graduate” soon. Haha… cannot wait for that special day… It has been a YEAR of action, and I really mean ACTION! Haha… Battles… Crucifying… Down times and Joyful times… Haha… I think i will share it in another post towards the end of the year. In the meantime, God bless!


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