1.1 Damian

A name that is common.
A name that means nothing to many people in the world.
A name that is simple to spell, easy to copy and nothing special about it.

In fact, even after adding my last name into the fray, it may still be common and insignificant.

So does this matter?

To be honest, it does not. Unless you are looking to leave behind a legacy; A legacy of change, a legacy of positivity, a legacy of hope.

The only time when your name becomes significant is when you start making great contributions to society, to the people around you and hopefully, beyond.

When we live for ourselves, we touch nobody. But when we live for others, people get touched by us. Through that, a legacy can be built.

I truly believe that in this world, we are nothing but great stewards. We make sure that our gifts and talents are shared with the world, to bring light and hope, to make whatever significance we can in this overcrowded world where sometimes negativity overshadows positivity.

This blog is my legacy, a legacy of my humble sharing, in hopes that people may be empowered and touched by it. I, myself, do get touched too when I read back to my past posts.

We are in a circle of life where our contributions that flow out of us, will most definitely flow back to us somewhere down the road, sometimes, in multiple folds.

I hope that you are all having a wonderful weekend. Keep smiling and hold tight to the joy that is within you.


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