Pursuit of Happiness

​We get so caught up with the busy-ness of life, more specifically trying to meet certain goals in our lives, that we forgot to review the reasons why with have those goals in the first place.

When we were growing, probably lacking certain things, eg money, we made goal to earn as much as we can. When we saw someone carrying some branded items, once again, lacking those things, we made goal to earn, so we can buy those branded items.

And what does money or even material things bring to us? Satisfaction and happiness. It is actually at this point where I think we got to reflect and search for new goals instead of a new bag. While there is nothing wrong with material pursuit, the world is too big to be only focused on the material stuff.

Similarly, we all go around searching for our partner, often resulting in heartbreaks because we thought that the happiness we got at the time means that they are gonna be the source of our joy and happiness. While it is important that our partner should be one of our source for happy experiences, I believe that the primary, central source of joy and happiness is within ourselves.

This is why I am a sucker for happiness… A believer that happiness is not from the outside, what we have, feel from something or someone but from the inside, how we feel about ourselves, our strengths and embracing our weaknesses and working on them. 

So back to the first paragraph. Be clear not only about our goals but about why we have them in the first place. Ultimately, whatever we do in life, I truly believe that we just simply want to be happy.


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