F.A.I.T.H… Not as easy as it seems!

“Forsaking All, I trust in Him,” the phrase, which I have used for this blog as its title, is not an easy one to behold. Apparently, in short, this phrase makes out to be FAITH! Faith… as simple as it may seem, is something, which I find it hard to grab on to.

Forsaking all, being selfless… putting others before self, letting go of all the past experiences, letting God be my Deliverer… etc. These are the basics of Christianity… the foundation of our spiritual journey with God. Wrong? Yeah… so I guess I am going through my foundations, looking for the cracks, little holes where my faith seems to be seeping out from…

Took a plunge, a step of faith yesterday. During service, I was making decisions during the whole worship session. Should I get myself back into CG, etc. Do I really have the strength or faith to go through with the decision if I were to choose to get myself committed once again. Thoughts flew in and out. Encouraging and inspiring thought rushed into me. I was full of hope and the future started to brighten up. I made the decision. I decided to talk to my CGL and asked him if I can visit thursday CG, so that my weekends will be more freed up, etc.

However, after everything was said and settled, even committing myself to visit my choir IC’s CG, fear started to rush in. Faith began to crumble. Everything seem to be impossible once again. I was so scared. I was really unsure if I can actually go through with the decision that I have made. However, after reading a chapter of Rick Warren’s A Purpose Driven Life book, which I have been doing lately, I decided to give this a shot, not to trust in my emotions, fears, etc but to really go through with it, trusting that God will pull me through. I really do not know how it will end up. But one thing for sure, it will be a ride… Having gotten out of the ride once, I am getting back into it again… I do really wish that as I put forward feet, God will help me drag the other leg and direct my paths.

Anyway, I will be visting another church, which my grandpa is attending with my siblings this weekend. I am glad that my siblings are willing to go to church. I do really hope that this weekend will be a blast into our brighter future. As of now, as I am still warring with my mind, having second thoughts about the decisions that I have made, I can only hope and pray. I know that if I make a move, a decision, He will certainly aid me in ways I never thought He would.

2 Tim 1:7
“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”


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