Only Faith?

I finished reading Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown yesterday and though it was a compelling book, which made me turn from one page to the next like a nicotine addict, I felt that it is one twisted book… with apparently one intention… that is to distort one’s view on the Church. I am not really talking about the Catholic Church or any particular denominations but the Church in a whole. It really worries me when non-believers or those who do not check on the “truths” pick the book off the shelf and read it. In fact, a lot of people actually believe in what the book says even though it is known as a FICTION! How ironic! The Bible is not labelled as a FICTION but those who accept the Da Vinci Code cannot seem to accept the real truths that are in the Bible.

Dan Brown proclaimed on his website that he is a Christian but I really have doubts. A Christian should be one who glorifies Jesus and not bring controversies upon Him. In this book, he is selling the idea that Jesus was married to Mary Magdelene! On top of that, he made the Church look like a organisation that is so blinded that she has to lie, kill and destroy just to hold on to her belief and traditions. Anyway, he may have his views and I respect that. In any case, all is not lost! People may get curious as to if all that were said in the book are true. They may want to dig… searching for the proof on the views. However, I pray that in doing so, they will be brought before the Light, the real Truth. You never know! All things will work out well for those who love Him. I love Him and I pray that many people, in one way or another, will be led to the light!

While I was reading the book, a few things struck me. I realised that our mind is so powerful. We can really make something, which is false into something real. Everyone actions and thoughts can be justified by our minds if we really want to! It also made me realised another powerful truth! I can now say that Christianity is not totally based on FAITH! That’s right… you heard me right! Faith is not really all there is in Christinity!

I was thinking one night, after reading that book. Is faith the only thing that made us believe that there is a God and that God is Jesus… Muslims have faith too! Buddists have faith but what differentiate mine with theirs?!?! There is only ONE thing! That thing, just like faith, cannot be bought, neither can it be shared just by a word of mouth! The other power ingredient that really bring us close to our God and allow us to trust in Him eventhough He is invisible is our ENCOUNTER(S)!

These encounters, especially the one that I have shared here in the past, really made me held onto Him during my darkest moments! I do not believe that before tasting a well cooked chicken, you can CONFIDENTLY say that it taste great! Why would someone first give up his/her life to Jesus if they cannot feel His tangible presence. Therefore, this feeling of His tangible presence is an ENCOUNTER too! That is why, no matter how people try to talk me out of my belief, or should I say relationship with Jesus, I will not budge! He is too real to be fake! How can I after touching my hand say that my hand is not there? It will such an irony!

Dear friends, I do really hope that you will hold on the encounter(s) you had with Jesus closely to your heart! When the times get tough, it will be your faith and these encounter(s) that will really keep you together! It is there and then that you know that He is too real for you to forsake or give up! You will never think that you are alone even if your mind tells you otherwise!

A short story…..

I was lost in a case… hungry and cold! I felt so lonely. Darkness encompassed me wherever I went… it just seemed like I am going to be swallowed by it if I do try to do something about it soon. I had no one to turn to. I was alone… with no guiding post, no light, no friends… NOTHING! What could I do.

Suddenly, something touched my hand. A voice followed. ‘Son, hold on to me and I will lead you out of this cave.’ I was shocked! Have I encountered a ghost? What can that be? However, I did not feel scare or uneasy. Instead, a rush of love and peace came upon my heart. I sensed that the ‘thing’ is not hostile. He/It was really trying to help me. I called out. ‘Who are you? Why are you helping me?’

Silence crept in. Suddenly, a soothing, gentle familiar voice answered, ‘I created you and you walked yourself straight into darkness.’

The voice cracked. He continued, ‘I was searching for you and now, I have found you! I really love you! Will you let me help you get out from this darkness’

My heart melted… Someone in this world actually loved me to the extent that He is willling to come into my darkness to look for me! I was hesitant at first. However, due to the overwhelming love and peace, I decided to reach out for His hand. To my surprise, I felt His hands on mine the moment I started to reach out! We walked… I did not know Him. I have heard His voice, felt His hand. That’s all! We continued walking. Darkness was still around. However, I knew that He is harmless and I continued to put my trust on Him. I had faith that He would indeed lead me out!

Twenty minutes passed… When things was getting no better and when my strength to hold on to His hand started to fade, He squeezed into my hands and gripped it even tighter. All of a sudden, something happened. I felt a sharp pain in my eyes… Gently, I lifted my head… THERE IT WAS… a light at the end of the tunnel! He was not lying! He is really leading me out of this darkness!

Now… three years after my incident in the cave, He is still by my guide. Everytime when He asked me to take His hand, I will obediently put mine on His and follow His leading. I will never forget the encounter I had with Him in the cave. It was there that I had the first and most beautiful encounter of His presence, no else or nothing in this world could give! My encounter made me know that He really love me and He is not a imagination! He is REAL. He led me out! He guided me; He helped me and held on to me tightly when I was weak!

Ps 119:173-176
Let Your hand become my help,
For I have chosen Your precepts.
I long for Your salvation,
O LORD,And Your law is my delight.
Let my soul live, and it shall praise You;
And let Your judgments help me.
I have gone astray like a lost sheep;
Seek Your servant,
For I do not forget Your commandments.


One thought on “Only Faith?

  1. Yeh, I agree with you.. I hope nobody reads Da Vinci Code cos it’s really very twisted & unbiblical! I was so saddened when my colleagues all take turns to read that book.. cos I know it’ll mislead them into believing things that are totally untrue..

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