Back to School… :)

Wow… I have to admit that I am very blessed to see so many people pouring their affection, care and concern over me for the past week or so! The road was indeed long and bumpy… but I have to thank God that I am still here… praising His name; confessing on His goodness. Friends at work, friends from church and even Jesus and the Holy Spirit… came and stood in the gaps for me during this bumpy period in life. Life is always challenging, never disheartening because of the encouraging and helping hands around me! Once again, THANK YOU. To those whom I don’t even know or those whom I cannot figure out from their nicks, I thank you for your encouragement!

I just got back from a meeting! A wonderful meeting for a wonderful event! I am going away for two days… for A GOOD CAUSE! I will be helping out in CHCSA’s youth camp, which will be from thursday to friday. It used to be 3 days but due the sheer voume of activities during this past few months and weeks, it will be 2 instead this round. I can still remember the last camp that I went for. I was given a honor… to be a leader of a group. I have to say that I was tremendously blessed… to see how the youth there were impacted… how touched they were! It was simply AWESOME! I thought I was there to bless… but I never thought that the blessings that I got from the camp can be far greater than the amount of blessings which I had given out. God is scary in a good sense! Hahaha… always overflowing, even in experiences and emotions!

I believe that this upcoming 2 days youth camp, which will be held in a secondary school, is going to be another resounding success! Once again, it a gruelling time- late night, bone-breaking activities (Due to the fact that I have not be exercising regularly), first time interactions, etc- but I know that God is going to be so real in these 2 days! I just cannot wait to get into the middle of all these fun! To be honest, I am REALLY tired now… have to wake up at 530am tomorrow morning because we have to reach Bedok at 7am! I have not pack, bath, etc… I just so excited with the fact that I can work with a great team of people again, Bro Mingjin, Sis Daryl, etc. This is my fourth youth camp! I have to admit that from the first youth camp up till the last one, it has been from GLORY to GLORY! I really cannot imagine the wonderful time I am going to have in a few hours time! We will be having around a 100 campers, highest ever compared to the previous few camps that averages around 20-30 youths, this time round and I pray that everyone of them will turn up. The whole event will end late on friday, thus I will be missing my first friday service in a long while… haha… going to be out of my comfort zone this weekend!

Going to prepare and bath now! God bless and continue to pray for strength to be upon me. God can indeed use the weak… He used and is going to use me tomorrow to touch the lifes of the students!! God bless!

Ps 47:6
Sing praises to God, sing praises! Sing praises to our King, sing praises!


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