First MP3 Gadget!

I am so excited as I am a proud owner of a Creative Zen Micro MP3 Player! This is made possible with my admission in Creative as one of their employees! I got to enjoy a good discount on this particular MP3 player! Haha… and this player has kept me up until now! I was busy copy all the music and sermons into this small and powerful player of mine! Haha… I am really looking forward to a time of enjoyment even on the most boring bus ride! Haha… I have always wanted to listen to a sermon on a bus or even train ride when it can take up to 1 hour to reach my destination! Really want to thank God for bringing me into Creative to be able to enjoy its benefits and welfare, this purchase being one of it!
Woohoo… One more thing! I just checked my bank account! I was shocked to learn that Creative has actually credited my first week pay into my account… I thought I will be getting this last week of the month of April’s pay together with my May salary… but once again, God, being the awesome Guy that He is, has came true for me knowing that I needed the money. 🙂 I love Him so, so MUCH! Oh… I have tithed! More will be coming! Haha…


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