First Week in Creative…

For the past few days in Creative, I have been going through some trainings on all the Creative products… I have to say that it was rather tiring… Haha… But on the bright side, I have learnt alot about the products that Creative offers. On top of that, I have learnt alot of other useful information like how a speaker or even a sound card works! Wow… a real learning experience! After my fourth day at work, not really work though, I can really feel that the working atmosphere is rather good. I will have to gauge it again next week when I actually start doing the REAL thing!

Haha… however, so far so good… The trainer is one friendly guy… 🙂 Oh… did i mention that I got the chance to test and play all cool gadgets in Creative? Haha… Well, now I am telling you that I actually put my hands on a Creative Portable Media Centre, Audigy 4 Pro and even a I-Trigue 5.1 speaker system! Haha… Cool man… 🙂 Anyway, going to sleep now! I have not slept at 11 plus for a long, long time! Body is really feeling the tow… Please don’t misunderstand… I did not work until late in the night… rather, I got to knock off ON the DOT, 6PM! Haha… The fatigue was due to the after work activities… haha… yeah… So I am signing off right now… Good night and SWEET DREAMS everyone… God has shared a few revelations lately and I will certainly wish that I will have the time to share them with you guys in the next post! 🙂 CIAOZ!


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