Awesome Week

First and foremost, my grandma is looking so much better now… Although she still experiences some pains here and there, she is so much better compared to the past week! 🙂 Thank you people for your prayers… Indeed, without your prayers, I do not really think it will be so smooth for her. By the way, things do go in circles… 🙂 Now, I am like a “granny” to my granny! I am taking care of her like a kid, like how she took care of me when I was younger! Everything that goes around, comes around… 🙂 An everyday illustration of “Sowing and Reaping!”

Secondly, I really wanna thank God for His providence. I wanted so much to go into Creative (A Big Company!) . I wanna experience how it is like to work there… I went for an interview two weeks back and I have been waiting for their reply. Guess what? Delay is not denial… and God is a God who knows what is best for me! I got the job that I interviewed for and most interesting of all is that I was offered a basic wage that is higher than my expected. Please note that I do not really have any working experience yet… not taking into consideration the one and half month stint in a Reseller. 🙂 God is SO good to be just a mere imagination from a human mind! 🙂 I will be starting work on the 25th of April and please continue to pray that favor of man will be upon me. Pray also that wisdom and the spirit of excellence will be in me! I will be the shining lamp in the dark!

Last but not least, I wanna thank God for bringing people into my life! :0 I got to know some students who are in SOT 2005 and I have to say that I am really blessed to have them as friends, not acquaintances. They are indeed a blessing from God… especially two taiwanese ladies (Liling and Hsiu Hua) who stay near my block. I do really think that I “ren yuan” with taiwanese. I also got to know a beautiful lady with a fascinating name… DOW DOW! Literally means pimples, beans… etc. Haha! She is very cute la…. very humourous too! Oh… not forgetting the others like from Malaysia, Mit and Abel; from Hong Kong, Paul and oh yes… ONE and ONLY, from Finland, David! Haha… I still remembered that I ask God specifically to give me a “WHITE” friend. Haha… I have all kinds of friend, except a “WHITE” one… 🙂 I really thank God that we hitted off so well… I can confidently say that I am closer than some of SOT mates… hehe… thank God once again for the favour… I asked and I received… 🙂 I prayed and He answered…

One more thing I like to share… 🙂 While I was having my evening jog last evening, God told me that it takes FAITH to commit myself in a relationship. No matter how many times I failed in the past… failing miserably in trying to win a girl’s heart… heart breaking end in a relationship, God told me that it is like a mistake I make in my everyday life… A mistake is a mistake… and it was well put by Pst Art… “Failure is a an event, not a DESTINY!” To be honest, I do have phobias in wooing girls… especially those from church… partly, it was because of my past mistakes… like a wrong move in a game of chess. However, after last night, I will not let my past hinder my wonderful future that the Lord has for me. Indeed, faith is the ONLY key to a beautiful future…. 🙂 I will not let my past dictate my future… I will press on, even if it means that I will make more mistakes. However, in the area of relationship, I truly believe in accountability. Even when you say that you have faith to go ahead in a relationship, never forget that on top of faith, spiritual covering and blessing from the leaders are equally important… Do seek advices from them too… 🙂 I pray that as you embark on your journey to find your second love, first love being Jesus, you will have wisdom and that there will be no selfishness in your acts. :0 God bless!!!!


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