Beloved Grandma

Please pray for my grandma. She is suffering from liver cancer and it is already in advance stage. Doctors said that she only has a few days left. I really do not hope for much. I really just want her to pass on peacefully with minimal pain. Your prayers will be very much appreciated.

It is really different when you see someone close to you suffer. I just went to visit her today. I wept the moment I see her face cringed in pain. I just could not control. This is the first time I have someone dear to me suffering so badly. I have friends who were sick and even one who died but it was not as sad as seeing her, my grandma, suffer. It was really a painful sight.

I know that my Saviour is with her. Although she is a Roman Catholic, she believes that Jesus is Lord and I am thankful for that. Praise God! 🙂 Now, I can only pray and ask God to relieve her pain and to thank God for preparing a place for her in Heaven!

Once again, I just want to thank you guys for remembering her in your prayers! God bless and remember to love your loved ones NOW! Do not wait until she is dying before showing them your tears. Tears are precious… and they are PRECIOUS enough have those tears! Tear when they tell you how much they love you… tear when you receive something from her. 🙂 By the way, tears does not have to be the real tear! It can be just a sincere “Thank you!”


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